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    • Fresh Culinary Herb Production

    Fresh Culinary Herb Production

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    by Dr. Lynette Morgan
    A Technical Guide to the Hydroponic and Organic Production of Commercial Fresh Gourmet Herb Crops
    Fresh culinary herbs are one of the fastest growing markets for gourmet produce on a worldwide scale. The requirement for year-round production of this diverse range of crops has seen the development of many commercial greenhouse herb growing operations. With high-quality, fresh herb crops providing lucrative returns for many growers, new technology--including hydroponic and organic production methods--has been adopted to push yields and quality to maximum levels.
    Crop production factors such as hydroponic, soil and organic systems, nutrient formulations, propagation, production planning, recommendations from nutrient and foliar analyses, environmental control, harvesting, post-harvest storage and handling, and pest and disease control are all covered in easy-to-understand language.
    With experience as a commercial hydroponic grower, international consultant, and researcher, the author provides new technical information on the cultivation of many herb species as well as outlining the basics of commercial herb production. Growers of all levels of experience will find this technical guide easy to follow, with many colored illustrations and references to information sources.
    120 pages
    26cm x 20cm
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