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    The intelligent hydroponic doser!  

    Feature packed

    This hydroponic doser sets a new benchmark in the small dosing controller market.  The Intelli-Dose is absolutely feature packed to enable it to cope with just about any hydroponic system. Just take a look at the specification overleaf.    

    Simple to operate

    The secret to its simplicity is that the controller can be configured to suit various systems and when this is done all of the irrelevant settings disappear from the menus and PC screens.   In addition to this, the controller can even be instructed to set itself up. 

    Knowledge is power

    Once you have used the PC interface you will never go back to a controller without it.  The reason is simple; you get to see all the settings in one list – no more fumbling around looking for a menu screen.  You also get accurate logs of exactly what happened – you can see at a glance just what effect each dose is having and if anything starts to go wrong you will see it immediately.  In addition, the PC can sound an alarm or even phone you if anything goes wrong.  

    Special functions

    The controller can be set to operate with a different EC for day and night.  Plants need weaker nutrient when they are transpiring in the heat of the day and stronger nutrient at cooler times.  Now you can give them exactly what they need. An “add water output” can be used to reduce the EC as required.   The irrigation output can be used to switch on an irrigation pump periodically to irrigate plants grown in pots.  This can also have different settings for day/night.

    AutoSet may be used to initially set the dosing timings.  Just fill reservoir tank with plain water and stock tanks with regular solution – then select AutoSet.  The system will perform a series of tests (by dosing and measuring the results) in order to automatically set the system dosing times.

    For standard 2 part nutrients, proportional dosing may be selected so that it makes bigger doses when it is a long way from the setpoint and smaller doses as the setpoint is approached.   A schedule can be entered that automatically adjusts the EC and even the nutrient ratios over the entirety of the plants growth.  Now, how intelligent is that?



    8 outputs which can be freely allocated to nutrient dosing, pH lower and/or raise, irrigation and add water to lower EC

    Nutrient measured in EC, CF or TDS  (user selectable)

    Temperature measured in oC or oF (user selectable)

    Date format dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy (user selectable)

    Doses up to 8 part nutrients (adjustable ratios)  

    Scheduling of nutrient ratios and EC - fully automatic changes every monday morning

    Doses pH lower and/or pH raise

    Autoset – automatically tests the system to choose best settings for dosing times and interval

    Proportional dosing available for 1 and 2 part mixes (not suitable for 3 or more parts)  

    Possible to set different EC for day and night (avoid tip burn on lettuce etc)

    Can raise EC (by dosing) or lower EC (by automatically adding extra water)

    Three types of alarm independently selectable – local siren, PC sound card, phone alert via PC modem.  All alarms can be independently disabled.

    Irrigation pump output (or can be used for lighting control) programmed by time of day or time interval (different interval for day/night). 

    Fail safe dosing shut outs – stops dosing if probe failure detected or if it suspects incorrect settings.

    USB cable and IntelliGrowTM PC software supplied for Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP.  Supports up to two Intellidose controllers

    8 outputs 24V DC

    Nutrient measurement units EC, CF or TDS (EC x 500)

    Measured range 0.00 to 9.99EC, 0.1 to 99.9CF, 0 to 1999 ppm

    Nutrient resolution 0.01 mS/cm, 0.1 CF, xxx ppm

    Nutrient measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 EC, 1.0 CF or 10ppm - temperature compensated

    Nutrient dosing range 0.00 to 5.99EC, 0.1 to 59.9CF, 0 to 1190 ppm

    pH resolution and accuracy – 0.1 pH

    pH measurement range 2pH to 12pH

    pH dosing range 5 to 7 pH

    Nutrient and pH dosing times settable from 1 second to 30 seconds

    Dosing interval settable from 0 minutes (continuous dosing) to 30 minutes

    Dosing operates valves sequentially to reduce power surge

    Temperature resolution and accuracy 1oC,  2oF

    Temperature range 0-50oC,   32-125 oF

    Operating temperature range 0-50oC,   32-125oF   (and not in direct sunlight)

    Power source – mains transformer pack supplied - 24VAC;  specify mains voltage and pin type (power to controller can be between 12V and 24V either AC or DC)

    Outputs will have the same voltage as the supplied voltage from the power pack.  The supplied transformer is 24V AC and so the outputs will be 24V AC.

    Large graphics display using simple four key interface (similar to cell phone key operation)

    Nutrient sensor uses DiPulseTM technique to resist fouling

    Dosing shut-off

    -          if nutrient is below 0.1EC, 1CF, 10ppm

    -          if pH below 4.5 or above 8.0

    -          if dosing effect is counterintuitive ie by dosing pH lower the measured pH goes up

    -          if sensor fault detected

    Supplied with PC software and 5m USB cable

    Can also be supplied with solenoid valve kit or peristaltic pump kit

    • Works tirelessly to keep your nutrient tank in perfect balance.

    •  Automatically adds nutrients and corrects pH as the plants feed.

    • Built-in USB – PC interface with USB cable and IntelliGrow software included.

    • Simple to operate – with AutoSet

    •  Good looking and smart – the perfect companion for your nutrient tank  

    • Up to 8 part nutrient dosing with variable ratios

    • Schedule to automate A:B:C:D etc ratio  and EC changes


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