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    Why Aqua-Hort?

    Aqua-Hort implements a controlled supply of supercharged copper ions and an electromagnetic water treatment to the water.
    It has been known for a long time that a controlled level of free copper ions in the water can contribute considerably to the prevention of fungus attacks.
    Especially from Pythium and Phytopthora.
    Both ofthese can be very destructive when they attack.
    These two fungi form zoospores which are spread in watery environments.
    Laboratory tests show that the zoospores are killed when exposed to Aqua-Hort treated water.
    Recent testing shows that Pythium, Phytopthora, Ramorum, Clavibacteria, Xanthomonas, Agrobacteria, Ralstonia, Erwinia and Chalara is also killed by Aqua-Hort.
    A controlled supply of copper ions was difficult in the past, because copper binds easily before coming into action.
    With Aqua-Hort a regulated supply of copper ions is achieved at the moment of watering.
    The amount released ( 0.0 to 5.0 ppm) is within normal fertilizer standards.
    The ions in the water are charged particles with hydrate layers around them.
    Due to the electromagnetic treatment with dynamic electro magnetic pulses the hydrate layers are removed, and the ions will, therefore, obtain an easier passage into the plants.
    Aqua-Hort reduces the usage of fungus chemicals, which means positive economical consequences and also means acieving points in the MPS system.

    Aqua-Hort Tank Model
    Over time a need has developed for treatment of large volumes of water, or situations where watering takes place with low conductivity water, for example water without fertilizers.
    Both situations demand a larger electrode surface.
    The normal pipe models can not be build efficiently with such big electrode surfaces.
    The Aqua-Hort tank model tank is build of PE materials. A 400 mm pipe with bottom and top.
    A thick steel plate top and bottom and steel girders hold the tank together.
    In- and outlet are 4” flanges.
    The amount of copper varies from 74 kg to 360 kg, with the plate thickness from 4 to 20 mm.
    When the tank model is used for large water volumes only a portion is led through the tank via a bye pass arrangement.
    The flow meter is placed on the main pipe to ensure the right calculations for the treatment.  
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